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Screw Flights

Screw Flights

Quality screw flights, designed and manufactured by our Australian experts.

BulkNet’s Australian made TruHelix Sectional Flights are the best in the world, due to our revolutionary production methods – the perfect fit every time!

Our commitment is to deliver Section flights which leave no gap on the Center tube, matching Flight Ends, and provide the lowest cost installation/fabrication time in the market – Saving you time and money!

We specialise in delivering Sectional Flights and Fully Fabricated Engineered Solutions to the Mining, Quarry, Agriculture and Civil Construction markets.

Screw Flights

Our Range

Standard Flight

Screws with a pitch spacing equal to the diameter are considered standard and are suitable for most conveyors of conventional horizontal design.

Integraleg® Flight

Ribbon flights with integral support legs are used for sticky or cohesive materials that tend to build up on the flight-pipe interface.

Notched Flight

Notched flights are used to provide a gentle mixing action. Notched flights are useful in blending different materials during the conveying process.

Variable Pitch Flights

Variable pitch flights are used to control the amount of material drawn down along the length of a hopper. By increasing the pitch at each flight along a screw you can incrementally increase the volume of product that is allowed to enter the screw.

Notched and Folded Flights

Notched and folded flights provide a more aggressive mixing action where material that passes through the notch is lifted and mixed with the trailing material. They can also be used for aerating or cooling materials.

Hollohelix® Flight

Hollow flights are used to pass heating or cooling liquids around the helix. Typically both the hollow centre pipe and the hollow flight are used as a heat exchanger to cool, heat or thaw the material being conveyed.

Short Pitch Flight

Short pitch screws are used in inclined conveyors. They are also used to control the feed at the inlet and to reduce flushing of free flowing materials. The shorter the pitch the more efficient is the screw.

Double Start Flight

Double start flights are used to accelerate the conveying process at the conveyor inlet and even out the pulsing effect at the outlet. They are also typically used in drilling and post-hole augers to equalise the torsional forces on the auger.


Paddles are set in a helical form around a square or round centre tube to form a segmented spiral. They are used in mixers and pug mills to mix and condition dry products when liquid is added during the process.

Coned Flight

Conical flight centres provide a continuous incremental change in swept volume of the screw. This promotes even drawdown in a full hopper situation. Combined with variable pitch the coned screw provides the best possible solution to even hopper drawdown. Standard troughs can be used with coned flights.

Tapered Flight

Tapered flight spirals provide a continuous incremental change in swept volume of the screw. This promotes even drawdown in a full hopper situation. Tapered flights leave residual material in the conveyor unless the casing is tapered to suit.

Compressing Flight

Compressing flight centres provide a continuous decrease in swept volume of the screw. This compresses and compacts the material as it is conveyed. The flights are typically canted forward to counter the forces of the compacting process. These are used in compacting, dewatering and decanting situations.

Canted Flights

Canted flights are used to counter the bending forces experienced when a flight is used in an extrusion process. The flight leans forward at a specific angle to the centre pipe.

Centreless Flights

Centreless flights are used for extremely sticky or fibrous materials that tend to wrap around or build up on a centre pipe.

Flight Accessories and Variations

Ceramic Coating

A matrix of ceramic coating is applied to the tip and leading face of the flight to reduce the wear caused by abrasive and corrosive materials being conveyed by the spiral.

Centreless Drive Plate

A centreless drive plate is attached to a centreless spiral to enable the transmission of the driving torque to the spiral.

Wear Shoes

Bolt on wear shoes are used as a sacrificial flight tip for conveying extremely abrasive products. Wear shoes significantly extend the working life of the spiral.

Bristle Edging

Bristle edging is a polymer brush formed into a spiral and attached to the trailing edge of the flight. This helps to clean out residual product from the conveyor and prevent breakage of delicate products such as fertilizer prill.

Flight Edging

Flight edging is an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) extrusion that is formed into a spiral and wraps around and snaps over the tip of the helix. Flight edging is used as an intermediate bearing on long slender spirals where hanger bearings are undesirable. It can also be used to take up the space between the flight tip and the casing to provide greater clean out of the conveyor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do sell internationally and can arrange delivery to all countries. 

Bulknet can produce screw flights in the following ranges:

  • 50 mm to 4000 mm diamater
  • 1.6 mm to 50 mm thickness

Bulknet can produce the following range of screw flight features:
Integraleg, Notched, Tapered, Holes / Widow, Cut and Folded, Canted and others as Desired.

Bulknet can produce flight screws using the following material.

Mild Steel (250),Mild Steel (350),High Strength Structural Steel (BIS80),High Strength Structural Steel SSAB (Domex 700 or Weldox 700),Wear Resistant Steel (Hardox450 or Equivalent),Wear Resistant Steel (CR8000),Wear Resistant Steel (CR4800),Wear Resistant Steel (Duaplate),Stainless Steel (304),Stainless Steel (316),Stainless Steel (Duplex 2205),Stainless Steel (3CR12) and Others as desired.

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BulkNet uses the latest technology and engineering software to support our high quality production and engineering processes. Specifically, BulkNet operates the latest versions of Solidworks Professional and AutoCAD LT.

Whatever the conveying problem, BulkNet will undertake an expert assessment and provide the most practical solution.

Quality Screw Flight, Designed And Manufactured By Our Australian Experts.

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No matter the industry, whether you’re an engineer, business owner, facility manager or production manager, Bulknet offers services that meet your needs.

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