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Screw Feeders

Screw Feeders

Quality Screw Feeders, designed and manufactured by our Australian experts.

Screw Feeders have proven to be a reliable and efficient way of feeding and metering bulk materials over many years. With their ability to fully contain the product, screw feeders are the perfect application for fine, granular or coarse particles. With more than 50 years of experience, Bulknet has been Australia’s leading specialist in the design and manufacture of quality robust screw feeders.

Special consideration of the screw feeder parameters such as inlet length and product head are taken into account during the design process. Dependent on application we can incorporate, stepped pitch, tapered flight ID & tapered flight OD to optimise product drawdown, increasing screw feeder efficiency. Specific material abrasive or corrosive properties are considered when choosing flight material. If required we can apply specialist coatings or weld on hard facing to increase screw longevity.

Project Variables

BulkNet consider the following when designing and manufacturing your Screw Conveyors/ Feeders:

Systems Operating Under Pressure Or Vacuum

Materials That Contain Lumps

Materials At Extreme Temperatures (High Or Low)

Highly Corrosive Materials

Materials That Require High Containment

Our Welders are Certified WTIA


BulkNet uses the latest technology and engineering software to support our high quality production and engineering processes. Specifically, BulkNet operates the latest versions of Solidworks Professional and AutoCAD LT.

Whatever the conveying problem, BulkNet will undertake an expert assessment and provide the most practical solution.

Quality Screw Feeders, Designed And Manufactured By Our Australian Experts.

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No matter the industry, whether you’re an engineer, business owner, facility manager or production manager, Bulknet offers services that meet your needs.

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