BulkNet is renowned for being able to fulfill the needs of its many and varied customers whose requirements span the full range of Bulk Materials Handling applications and industries. In our 50 plus years of operation we have developed and continuously improved on design principles and manufacturing methods to deliver the high standards of quality and innovation demanded by Bulk Materials Handling environments. Our reputation is further enhanced through the design and supply of rugged, dependable equipment, providing long life and reliable service to our many satisfied clients throughout Australia and the Pacific, the South East Asia region and the Middle East. Our experience is your guarantee of proven performance.

Our range of equipment includes, but is not limited to, the custom design and manufacture of:

  • Air Slides
  • Belt Feeders & Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Drag Conveyors
  • Pug Mills & Mixers
  • Continuous Flight Augers (CFA)
  • Foundation Drilling Tools (Digging Augers)
  • All our Welders are Certified WTIA

BulkNet uses the latest technology and engineering software to support our high quality production and engineering processes. Specifically, BulkNet operates the latest versions of Solidworks Professional and AutoCAD LT. Click here to find out more about our CAD Capabilites.

Whatever the conveying problem BulkNet will undertake an expert assessment and provide the most practical solution.

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