At BulkNet, we understand that some parts wear out and need refurbishment or replacement. To support you and keep you up and running, we can manufacture and supply on fast turnaround times:

  1. Hanger Brackets (U-Type and C-Type)
  2. Bearings (U-Type & C-Type, including Wood, Ni-Hard, UHMPWE, Brass, Bronze)
  3. Bushes
  4. Flight Edging
  5. Lab-Seals
  6. Clamp-Ezy Seals (Exclusive to BulkNet)
  7. Wear Liners
  8. U-Shaped Seals
  9. Fully Fabricated Standard Screws
  10. Trough’s
  11. Diverter Valves
  12. Any other parts customised to your requirements

Please call our Sales team to discuss any spare parts you require.

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